Our Farm

Experience the countryside ambience not away from the city but just within it. The farm provides unique opportunity to feel the goodness of nature & a stress-free environment.

Grown With Love on Our Farms

Eating fresh and naturally grown vegetables has become a luxury in today's world.

Mrudgandh simplifies the process of vegetable farming.

Grow your own vegetables in with Us. Grow Organic vegetables. Start Urban Farming in Pune.

Our Produce

The vegetables are grown organically without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers & pesticides. The produce is more nutritious, healthier & safe.

Freshest and Chemical-Free

The use of chemicals in the cultivation process of the food we consume has increased manifold resulting into serious health issues. Today every individual is most concerned about health & increasing the immunity levels.

Everyone aspires to have healthy nutritious organic food but it is difficult to have an authentic organic source. If you grow your own food organically these issues are taken care of & you are assured of the good, safe & healthier produce.




100% Organic Practices

Complete Control over the farming Practices


Assurance Of Chemical Free Produce

Fresh & Healthy

Straight from the Farm to your Plate

About Kodre Farms

  • The farm land is about 1.6 acres with rich black cotton soil suitable for farming. 
  • It is well secured & equipped with the basic infrastructure.
  • Ample water supply is available.
  • The farm can be easily accessed from the city.