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Frequently Asked Questions

Start establishing a relation with Mother Earth. Start Growing your own vegetables.
We are happy to assist.

What is the plot size?

One plot is of the size 750 sq.ft (30ft X 25 ft).

What are the fees ?

The monthly fee is Rs. 3750/- per month per plot.

Is there a fixed contract period ?

Yes. There is a commitment of min 12 months.

What are the payment terms?

The payment is in prepaid format. There are 2 types for making the payment.

Can we share the plot?

Yes, the names of the partners are to be mentioned in the registration form.

Can we arrange seeds/samplings from outside?

Yes. As a convenience to the Associate Farmers, we have arranged for the seeds/ samplings and organic manure at a Cost.

What are the water arrangements?

The main source is well. We have arranged for a pipeline till the farm plot. From there, the land is watered using PVC flexible pipe.

What about the security of the plants?

The plot is inside a gated area. No person can enter the area. The area is well-guarded.

What about the farming equipment?

We have all the essential equipment needed for farming vegetables. You are welcome to get your own equipment.

Is there any concession for group bookings?

While we encourage group bookings as it will enhance experience of farming, we are not offering any financial concession for group booking.

Is there any concession for annual payment?

Yes. A flat 5% concession is available on booking against annual payment.

Are we supposed to share our produce with Mrudgandh?


Will Mrudgandh supply manure / pesticides / insecticide / fertilisers?

Yes, we will arrange for organic pesticides and fertilisers. This is a service with a cost. You will have to bear the cost of the same. Chemical Fertilisers and pesticides are strictly not allowed.

Are we open for experiments?

Yes please. You are requested to share the same with Team Mrudgandh before starting the same.

Are there any limitations on the number or variety of crops?

There is no limit on the variety of crops as long as the variety is of a vegetable.

Is there a home delivery facility?

No. As of now, we have no plans for delivering at home.

What is the type of agreement?

The agreement is limited to use of the land for cultivation of vegetables. No sale of land OR construction of any type is allowed.

Are we going to receive regular updates about farm conditions?

Yes, we will be sending a weekly update of the farm conditions.

Any additional cost involved?

Apart from the basic rental and the costs for seeds/ pesticides etc. no additional costs are involved.

Is there a food/canteen facility at the farm?

We are providing a basic food facility ( covering breakfast/ lunch and evening snacks ) at the farm. This is a chargeable activity and will need a pre booking.

What are the visiting hours?

As of now, the timings are from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm, on all 7 days of the week.

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Start establishing a relation with Mother Earth. Start Growing your own vegetables.

We are happy to assist.

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